ACT Field Trip

Monday, 28 May 2012
1.00pm - 4.30pm
Includes chartered bus transfer to and from Civic Bus Interchange (Bay 6)

Bus Map

The purpose of the day is to visit:

  • An urban wetland with novel design features to allow water levels to fluctuate.
  • The lookout to the construction of the enlarged Cotter Dam
  • A major recycling project to provide water from the Murrumbidgee into a section of the Cotter River for environmental benefits.

These initiatives are a great example of where science is directly informing the development of policy and the management of our river systems. They exemplify many issues faced by water managers around the country and illustrate how the various eWater products can be used to assist in the decision making processes. During the field trip we will discuss:

  • The issues that have been faced in the past with the management of environmental water in the ACT and how science has contributed to policy and management
  • Adaptation initiatives to secure future water security and how the best available science has been incorporated into solutions (including specifically commissioned science)
  • Future issues that the ACT will have to deal with to manage freshwater biodiversity in a changing climate
  • Lessons from the successful inclusion of science in policy.

What do bring:

This is a field trip and it will go ahead, regardless of the weather. It is expected that you will bring appropriate clothing for stomping around the banks of rivers and creeks, including:

  • sensible shoes/boots for walking,
  • a hat, and
  • a waterproof coat.

Please check the weather forecast prior to coming to Canberra to finalise the number of layers you think you will need.

We will have a supply of water on the vehicles and water bottles for the participants. Please bring your own afternoon tea.

For more information about the Field Trip, speakers and successful environmental management, please download the PDF file attached. This will also be printed and distributed to delegates upon boarding the Field Trip bus.